Exterior rendering of Sully Apartment Building. Copy: Culture & Comfort.
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Eclectic Living in EaDo. Arriving 2024.

The vibrant spirit of EaDo, Houston is the expression of cultures coming together – Sully is no different. Full of character and built for connection, Sully is a living, breathing community surrounded by eclectic eateries, art galleries, and music venues that define the texture of the neighborhood. Where there is culture, there is comfort – and Sully is home to both.

Woman leaning against a wall
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Full of Character

Never just accepting the status quo, it is in Sully’s DNA to embrace the edge & make things happen. From the best beans at Blackwater Coffee Roaster to wine taps at Roots, from an afternoon drink at East End Backyard to a late night performance at Super Happy Fun Land, Sully brings the full character of EaDo to your front door.

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Built for Connection

Sully embodies a playful character that comes to life in social spaces. The resident lounge and dining area create a backdrop for a lively friendsgiving celebration. Co-working and seating areas throughout the building set the stage for focused work-from-home days.  An expansive dog park allows resident pups to frolic and socialize. Sully’s spaces are designed to create a connected community.

Connect With Us

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